Uptime Inspection Benefits

- Assurance your machine is ready when you are
- Catch problems early, before minor issues become downtime failures
- Increase your resale value... knowing your equipment has been maintained properly
- Reduce potential rental costs
- Avoid in season repairs, when you need to be working
- Know your equipment has been worked on by factory trained technicians
- Take advantage of the best finance programs available... fix now, pay later, no interest
- 90 day warranty on parts and labor
After the inspection, our technicians will have a list of recommended items. Only those machines that complete the recommended list will get the Uptime sticker, and the Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

If you have a downtime failure for 24 hours or more, you will receive loaner priority for free! That is correct... Uptime Inspections, are basically an Uptime Guarantee!
Some restrictions apply... see service department for details!

Uptime Support Unit Inventory and Location

Skid Steers
JD 320E - Turtle Lake
JD 318E - Hastings
JD 328E - Hastings
JD 320E - Osceola
Commercial Mowing
Z920M - New Richmond
Z930M - Hastings
Z930M - Turtle Lake
Z930M - Osceola
Updated May 7th, 2015