New John Deere Machine Sync



The Machine Communication Radio creates an in-field, high-speed wireless network to facilitate machine-to-machine communication!  A single network can include up to 10 machines, including any combination of your combines and tractors with grain carts.

How it works: From the combine cab, a single glance at your GreenStarTM 3 2630 Display shows you where all the combines and tractors are in your network. As the combine operator, you can send a “ready-to-unload signal” and the software provides the combine location and bin-fill status to the cart operator, who can determine how quickly the combine will need to unload, prioritize which combine to go to first (when multiple combines are in the field), or call in additional carts as necessary. This can reduce wait time, fuel consumption, and even ground compaction.

When the tractor and grain cart pulls alongside your combine, Machine Sync lets you control the tractor’s speed and location from the combine cab, to mimic the movements of the harvesting combine while it unloads. This reduces spillage and operator stress, even for the most experienced operators.

Machine Sync is simple to set up and use. And the full-color GS3 2630 Display provides all machines in the network visibility to real-time logistics for every other machine, as well as grain tank fill status for all combines within the network.

System Requirements: John Deere Machine Sync is a software application compatible with an array of John Deere combines, current tractors, and current generation GreenStar components (GS3 2630 Display and StarFire 3000 Receiver). Machine Sync uses the John Deere Machine Communication Radio to communicate digital data between the machines relative to position, speed, direction of travel, and, in the case of combines, grain tank fill status.

Machine Sync is part of the John Deere FarmSightTM experience: a total solution that begins with understanding your needs, and provides a world-class experience by combining equipment, technology, and your John Deere dealer.

Key Features & Specs

  • Maximizes the benefits of unloading on the go with automation by simplifying unloading and reducing spillage with varying sizes of grains carts
  • Increases efficiency by showing the location of tractors and combine in the field
  • Combine operator controls tractor speed and grain cart location
  • Ensures proper positioning of the cart under the auger, without reducing harvesting speed