New R4045

Self Propelled Sprayers


The all-new field general in sprayers is now here. With the power of 346 horses, a tank capacity of 1,200 gallons and booms stretching up to 120 feet, you can boldly approach your corner of the world and declare total swift victory. I run. I spray. I conquer.

This new R4045 Sprayer has it all. The smartest cab in its class. Precise application up to 230 gallons per minute with the high-flow and dual flowmeter. A smooth, steady ride. Dry spinner spreader capacity up to 300 cubic feet. Intelligent time- and money-saving solutions. All fully integrated with the latest John Deere technology to help you conquer more acres in less time.

Key Features & Specs

  • 1,200 gal (4,500L) tank
  • Direct injection product mixing option
  • Load Command™ option
  • Dry spinner compatibility increases versatility

Fertilizer source: Liquid or dry
Application type: Broadcast or banded spray, dry spinner spreader
Application timing: Pre-plant, Post-harvest, In-season
Boom width: 90 ft (27 m), 100 ft (30 m) or 120 ft (36 m)