New 2625 Three-Section Tandem Disks for Primary Tillage



Your new primary tool for tillage

The largest in the 2600 Series, the 2625 Disk turns hard-packed fields littered with corn residue into well-worked acres sporting 30% residue cover or less. At weights up to 289 lbs. per blade and working depths up to 8 in., this behemoth ensures that neither compaction nor last-year's leftovers interfere with creating a good growing environment for your seed investment. Available in five widths from 23'7" to 40'8".

Key Features & Specs

  • Perfect for heavy soils, residue sizing/incorporation
  • Five widths from 23'7" to 40'8"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
  • Hydraulic fore/aft leveling
Working depthUp to 8 in.
Blade spacing11 in. or 9 in. F / 11 in.
Min. hp requirement284
Blade size24- or 26-in.