New 1600 Turbo

Wide Area Mowers


With sweeping deck coverage, an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, this machine manages to deliver a quality cut acre after acre.

Even more impressively though, is the 1600 Series II Turbo's ability to keep mowing continuously hour after hour, day after day. A high-torque engine and an innovative top-draw cooling system ensure this amazing technical advance can more than go the distance. Go any length. The 1600 Series II Turbo.

Key Features & Specs

  • High-/low-range transaxle.
  • Maximum speed of up to 14.4 mph
  • Mower decks use one gear-type motor apiece
Fuel System Type Diesel
Fuel Consumption Full Load 3.33 U.S. gph (12.7 L/hr) est.
Electrical Charging System Automotive type