New TD100 Top Dresser

Key Features
  • Designed for ProGator™ HDUVs
  • Galvanized steel hopper resists corrosion

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Serviceability made easy

The TD100 Top Dresser is easy to service:

  • Installation and removal from the ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicles is easy. The TD100 attaches with two pins at the back and one pin at the front.
  • Chain and conveyor belt adjustments are easy to get at and simple to make.
  • Sealed bearings are used, limiting the number of lubrication points to service.
  • The galvanized steel hopper resists corrosion; however, it is important to wash the entire TD100 Top Dresser thoroughly whenever it is used to spread fertilizer or any other corrosive material.

The TD100 Top Dresser requires one BM20608 auxiliary hydraulic kit for use on a ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicle.

Metering gate
Metering gateMetering gate

The full-width metering gate controls the amount of material distributed:

  • Infinitely variable for precise metering control
  • Adjustable metering gate opening from 0 in. to 3 in. (0 cm to 7.6 cm)
  • Two levers for adjusting the metering gate opening
    • One lever adjusts the gate height.
    • Second lever locks the gate into position.

The hopper is made from galvanized steel to resist corrosion and is supported by steel-frame members for strength. A fixed-speed, nylon/polyester cord, endless conveyor belt moves material under the metering gate and through a rotating brush for even distribution.

  • Hopper capacity is 12-cu ft (340-L) level-full or 19-cu ft (538-L) heaped.
  • Rated capacity is 1500 lb (680 kg).
  • Spreading width is 56 in. (142 cm).
Hydraulic drive motor
Hydraulic drive motorHydraulic drive motor

The conveyor belt and rotating brush are powered by a hydraulic motor, which operates off the ProGator™ hydraulic system.

Number 40 roller chainNumber 40 roller chain

Number 40 roller chain is used to transmit power from the hydraulic motor to the conveyor belt and rotating brush.


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John DeereTD100 Top Dresser
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Rated capacity Maximum: 680 kg
1500 lb
leveled: 0.35 m3
12 cu ft
heaped: 0.54 m3
19 cu ft
Size Top: 146x91 cm
57.625x36 in.
Bottom: 146x61 cm
57.625x24 in.
Depth: 40.6 cm
16 in.
Spread width 142 cm
56 in.
Material Galvanized steel
Conveyor belt
Material Nylon/polyester cord, textured, rubber coating
Construction Endless belt
Width 142 cm
56 in.
Material Polypropylene
Diameter 22.9 cm
9 in.
Speed of rotation 190 (motor at 44) rpm
Type Fixed-speed belt, adjustable metering gate
Metering gate adjustment Infinite: 0-7.62 height cm
0-3 height in.
Controls Two hand levers; one to adjust, one to lock
Drive Hydraulic motor powered by ProGator hydraulic system based on engine rpm; #40 o-ring sealed roller chain; controlled by ProGator auxiliary hydraulic control operated from the driver's seat
Lift Controlled by ProGator auxiliary hydraulic control operated from the driver's seat
Mounting to ProGator Two pins at rear, one pin on lift cylinder
Height 63.5 cm
25 in.
Width 164 cm
64.5 in.
Length 131 cm
51.5 in.
Overall height (mounted on vehicle) 129.5 cm
51 in.
Shipping weight 367 kg
810 lb
Net weight (empty) 311 kg
685 lb

Accessories and Attachments

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit - TCB11078


Raised Profile Conveyor Belt - TCU13584