New 1200 Hydro Bunker Rake

Bunker Trap Rakes


Whether you're pushing sand up a slope or pulling  a big mat behind you, our 1200 Hydro can keep you moving. Thanks to a three-wheel-drive hydrostatic powertrain, the 1200 Hydro has plenty of torque to push or pull heavy loads. A 10-to-1 steering ratio helps you make tight turns in the bunker or around second base. You'll tread lightly as well, thanks to high-flotation tires. And operating in comfort is never in question on the 1200 Hydro: a 14-in. diameter steering wheel for easy handling, adjustable seat, and easily accessible controls.

Key Features & Specs

  • Fuel efficiency at speeds up to 10 mph
  • Standard 72-inch rear rake enables rapid coverage
  • Adjustable seat and wide running boards
  • Stylish rear body
Engine Type Air-cooled
Electrical System 12 volt, 16 amp
Fuel System pump Diaphragm-type
Sound Levels Operator ear 76 dB(A)