New 8700 PrecisionCut Fairway Mower

Fairway Mowers


No matter how devilishly difficult the fairway layout, the top-of-the-line 8700 PrecisonCut can tackle it. After all, with a turbo-charged, intercooled diesel engine, QA7 cutting units, available GRIP all-wheel drive and built-in benefits like a double-acting steering cylinder, it's more than a match for whatever course architects dream up.

Key Features & Specs

  • Consistent turf engagement with hydraulic down pressure and rear attaching point
  • Heavier QA7 22" reels, made for cutting runners
  • Easy to maintain with Quick Adjust cutting units and White Box diagnostics
Engine horsepower 37.1 (27.7 kW) gross @ 2600 rpm, 1496cc, PS
Cutting Units Quick Adjust QA7 22-in. (55.9 cm)
Cutting Width 100 in. (254 cm)