New RG5500 Semi-Automatic Spin and Relief Reel Grinder


RG55 Series Semi-Auto Spin and Relief Reel Grinder

Whether to spin grind or spin grind with relief is always a hot topic of discussion at golf course maintenance facilities worldwide. No matter which school of thought is preferred, Model RG5500 Semi-Automatic Spin and Relief Reel Grinder can perform both functions with quality and precision.

The RG5500 can be used as a standalone spin grinder or with the standard auto-indexing relief system, a relief grind can also be completed as part of the grinding process. A traverse sensor system allows the grinder to operate in a semi-automatic mode. The only input required from the operator after setupĀ is infeeding of the grinding shaft on each end to determine aggressiveness of the grind.
Key Features
  • Auto-indexing relief system
  • Positive precision rail alignment system
  • Optional platform lift system