New 7200 PrecisionCut

Rough, Trim, Surround Mowers


Features like adjustable suspension seats, extra legroom, and well-located controls are necessities when it comes to doing a good job. They allow an operator to focus on the task at hand, and perform at a higher level. Take the steering system on the 7200, 7400 and 8800. With minimal effort, it allows striping a rough or trim area just like a green or fairway. It's just one of dozens of conveniences first suggested to us by crew members themselves.

Key Features & Specs

  • 26.4-hp diesel engine
  • GRIP All-Wheel Drive Traction System
  • Front and rear roller options
  • Convenient service check locations
Engine Type Yanmar
Vehicle Traction drive Hydrostatic pump
Operating weight, lb (kg) 2600 (1179)
Mower Number 3 QA7 reel cutting units