New 8800 TerrainCut

Rough, Trim, Surround Mowers


No rotary rough mower in this class makes it as easy to adjust height-of-cut. Compare for yourself, and you'll see why. On the 8800, you simply flip levers to raise and lower the front and rear rollers, and flip them back to lock in a new height-of-cut. There's no need for special tools, or complicated requirement to brace the deck chamber.

Key Features & Specs

  • Diesel engine for increased performance
  • Easily accessible daily service points
  • Plenty of fuel for a day long mowing
  • Enhance contour-following capabilities
Engine Horsepower42 hp (31.1 kW)
SteeringHydraulic power with dual rod
Controls Forward/reverseDual pedal
Cutting deck width21 (53.3)