New BB42 Series Box Blades

Key Features
  • Strong frame
  • Adjustable scarifier height
  • Hinged tailgate
  • Hydraulically adjusted scarifier beam

More Info


Adjustable scarifier height to create the desired working depth
Simply remove retainer clips to adjust the heightSimply remove retainer clips to adjust the height

The scarifier height is easily adjustable on the BB32, BB33, BB41, and BB42 Series Box Blades. Simply remove the retainer clips to raise or lower the scarifier. Use the low notch for deeper ground penetration.

Hinged tailgate for superior results
Hinged tailgate improves leveling and finishingHinged tailgate improves leveling and finishing

The hinged tailgate allows clean-material flow for improved leveling and finishing. Plus, it is built for superior performance when backfilling.

Strong frame to conquer the toughest jobs
BB42 Series Box Blade featureBB42 Series Box Blade feature

A balanced, heavy-duty welded mast and 127-mm x 127-mm (5-in. x 5-in.) tubular-steel scarifier beam deliver added strength for the most challenging jobs. There is no need for gussets.

Hydraulically adjust the scarifier beam without leaving the seat
Standard on BB41 and BB42 Series Box Blades Standard on BB41 and BB42 Series Box Blades

Knock out big jobs faster with the hydraulically controlled scarifier beam on the BB41 and BB42 Series Box Blades. Raise the scarifiers up for backfilling, then lower them for scraping and leveling, all without leaving the tractor seat.


These box blades come standard with a 50.8-mm x 101.6-mm (2-in. x 4-in.) hydraulic cylinder, pin kit, and hydraulic hose kit.

Cutting edge is strategically positioned for a fine finish
BB Series Box Blade cutting edge is reversibleBB Series Box Blade cutting edge is reversible

The BB Series Box Blade cutting edge ensures precise leveling and a fine finish. It is also reversible for twice the wear life.


Working width 243.8 cm
96 in.
Unit height 66 cm
26 in.
Unit depth 83.8 cm
33 in.
Endplate thickness 1.3 cm
0.5 in.
Moldboard thickness 0.6 cm
0.25 in.
Operating weight 594.2 kg
1310 lb
Shipping 612.3 kg
1350 lb
Tractor compatibility
PTO Horsepower Max: 67.1 kW
90 hp
Compatibility Cat. 1, Cat. 2
iMatch™ compatible (Cat. 1)
Quick coupler (Cat. 2) Yes
Capacity 1.12 m3
39.4 cu ft
Design High back
Cutting edge
Reversible Yes
Quantity Two
Size 1.27x15.24 cm
0.5x6 in.
Scarifier shank and beam
Shank type Notched 3 position
Points Replaceable
Quantity Eight
Tubular scarifier beam size 12.7x12.7x0.64 cm
5x5x0.25 in.
Beam reinforcement bar size 1.27x2.54 cm
0.5x1 in.
Type Hinged
Type Welded
Color Construction yellow, JD green optional
Configuration One unit
Set-up time
Labor hours 0.5
Time period 1 year