Be Bright with LED Lighting

posted on Thursday, March 23, 2017 in Blog

LED Lighting: The better way to work at night

There are many ways that you can be ready for the upcoming season, whether you are working, playing, or both, we have LED lighting options that will keep you going well into the night!

With options from both John Deere and K&M Products, we have a variety of factory replacement bezels, aftermarket add-ons, and more that will help you do whatever you do, better!

Some benefits of switching to LED include…

-Reduced Current Draw = Less Power Consumption

-Higher Light Output = Better Night Vision

-Longer Life = Up to 44X the life of a halogen bulb

-Tougher Performance = Vibration Resistance

-Easy Replacement when buying a direct replacement bezel

With a variety of manufacturers on the market, it is important to go to quality brands that test and stand behind their products. We offer LED options from both John Deere and K&M Manufacturing. This means that we can get direct fit or aftermarket options for your machine that come with the experience to back up the purchase.   A majority of the K&M Tiger Lights product line even comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know you are getting top of the line products, at the best possible prices!  What are you waiting for? Call one of our Parts Experts, and learn how you can see better, gain accuracy, increase safety, and get more done today!

Want to learn more? Check out this video explaining the benefits of John Deere LED Lighting!