Fuel Care

posted on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Blog

John Deere Fuel Additives

The quality of the fuel you run makes a big difference in the longevity and reliability of certain engine components. With todays Ethanol/Oxygenated Gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, and Bio Diesel blends that you find at the fuel pumps, it is important to maintain your fuel and fuel system. John Deere has a variety of solutions designed specifically to keep your engine running smooth and efficiently.

Gasoline applications

It is important to only use non-ethanol/non-oxygenated fuel in carbureted engines, and engines that will sit for longer periods of time with seasonal use, as well as draining fuel in machines that are not being used. In addition to using only quality non-oxygenated gas, John Deere Gasoline Fuel-Protect will help to keep your gasoline fresh during storage. In todays gasoline products, there are many additives that are placed in gasoline before it ever hits the pump. Many of these additives help to create cleaner air, and make our fuel more renewable, however, when this fuel sits for long periods of time, it can form corrosion, gum, and varnish that can clog your fuel system that you will notice when taking machines out of storage. John Deere Gasoline Fuel-Protect is designed to:

  • Protect fresh gasoline for up to 12 months
  • Keep fuel from breaking down into performance robbing gum and varnish
  • Perform equally well in all two or four cycle gasoline engines
  • Ensure quick and easy starts when equipment is put back to work.
  • Eliminate the need to drain and dispose of gasoline.
  • Provide protection to fuel systems of stored equipment in all seasons.

Diesel applications

John Deere Fuel-Protect is available in Winter and Summer formulas and is recommended for use in all diesel fuel and bio diesel mixes up to 20 percent. Fuel-Protect is designed to maintain peak engine performance and increase efficiency. Regular use will minimize many of the problems caused by impurities and variances in diesel fuel that can multiplied when the fuel sits for long periods of time. Both of the John Deere Winter Formula (TY26788) and Summer Formula (TY26785) have the following benefits

  • Boosts fuel’s cetane number for faster, smoother, and more fuel-efficient starting.
  • Detergents clean injectors and help prevent performance erosion while cleaning the entire fuel system*
  • Lubricants protect and reduce the injector and pump wear common with ULSD fuel.
  • Increases a fuel’s thermal and storage stabilities
  • Maintains fuel pump warranty
  • Minimizes smoking
  • Compatible with all diesel fuels, including Biodiesel 20 blends
  • Can safely be used with KeepClean and FUELSAVER

The additional Winter formula benefits include

  • Cold-flow improvers increase engine operability 10 deg. C (18 deg. F) below the fuel cloud point, the maximum performance for cold filter plugging point (CFPP) additives.
  • A deicer additive prevents ice formation in fuel lines.

Another important component of your diesel engine to consider is the Injectors. Keeping the injectors clean will help them last longer and increase fuel efficiency while providing more power. Our John Deere Keep Clean solution is formulated to restore performance in modern high-pressure and legacy diesel fuel systems, including injector sticking, misfiring, rough idling, excessive exhaust smoking, power/fueling loss, and hard starting. Keep Clean is designed to be added to diesel bulk storage tanks or in tanks of equipment using modern high-pressure or legacy fuel systems. Keep Clean meets EPA requirements for use in ULSD.

Another important additive to consider is John Deere FUELSAVER. Water is an enemy of diesel fuel and over time water will enter the fuel system through condensation and a variety of other ways. When water enters the fuel, bacteria and fungus agents can live and grow in the fuel causing algae, and other forms of contamination. Fuel Saver provides the following benefits and can be used with Fuel-Protect and Keep Clean:

  • 100% fuel soluble so that active ingredients kill microbes throught the fuel.
  • Maintains fuel economy and decreases fleet operation costs.
  • Should be added to contaminated fuel tanks as a shock dose.
  • Is recommended for use every three to four months as ongoing maintenance

If you have more questions about fuel quality, and how to maintain your fuel system, give your local Frontier Ag & Turf parts department a call, we enjoy helping you maximize productivity, increase uptime, and help your equipment last longer.