How STIHL can help battle the toughest cleanup conditions

posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in Blog

The wind can bring many problems, but when it comes in the spring unexpectedly, and takes down trees, it is important to get these trees cut up and moved quickly so that it does not effect growth of the trees or underbrush on your land.

STIHL offers a wide variety of products that are built tough to help you get the job done.  Whether you have small branches hanging and need a pole pruner to trim them to keep your healthy trees healthy, or chain saws to cut the down trunks into workable sizes, STIHL has the product and expertise to keep you going.

When working with a Pole Pruner, it is important to cut the tree in the proper location, just outside of the node on the trunk so that your tree can continue to stay healthy and thrive. It is not only important to cut broken branches in this way, but also dead limbs, as any diseased limbs can spread disease back to the root of the tree, and even in severe cases such as oak wilt, transfer disease from tree to tree through the roots!

When using a chain saw to cut downed limbs, tree maintenance is less important, however, it is important to examine why the limb fell. Was it because the limb was dead or dying? Was the limb hollow? If you answered yes to either of these questions, and are worried about a tree falling onto buildings in the future, it is best to call an arborist to check the condition of trees in question.

Choosing the proper equipment to use for a job, or even getting a new tool can be exciting, and even we cannot wait to use them, however, safety is the number 1 thing to consider whenever operating equipment. We have seen the effects of not wearing protective chaps, protective eyewear, gloves, or even protective footwear. The small investment in safety products, could save you thousands of dollars in the case of an emergency.  See how STIHL Protective Apparel and Chaps work here:

Now that we have looked at our trees, and geared up for safety, it is time to choose the right equipment for the job. Pole Pruners such as the HT102 which provide a cutting height of up to 12ft will give you the power you need to cut branches out of reach. Do you need to cut higher than 12 feet? The HT103 has a telescoping feature that gives you an extra 4 ft of cutting height. That’s right, you can reach up to 16ft to maintain the branches that are out of reach.  If your tree cutting needs are above this level, it is important to call an arborist who has the proper equipment to do the job safely.

If your trees or limbs fell in the wind, and are already on the ground. It is important to match the downed limb to the proper size bar and saw. Just like you wouldn’t use a Row Crop tractor to mow your lawn, you wouldn’t want to use a MS880 with a 59” bar to cut a 12” tree. Now that may be an extreme example, but even when looking for a saw that will work for you, it is important to look at the tree size and consider a saw has proper horsepower and a bar that is slightly larger than what is being cut. You don’t want to have too large of a bar and run the chain into the ground as this will dull the chain quickly, but you also want to have the bar go all the way through the tree in most circumstances to provide an even cut with decreased kickback and pinching.For example, a residential saw such as the MS171 will work well for trees that are about 13” and smaller as it is rated to cut with a 14” bar in most woods. When you have larger trees, the MS271 will work well for most consumers, farmers, and ranchers because it has enough power to operate an 18” bar safely.  The MS271 will cut trees up to 17” safely. 

Another important factor to consider is the type of chain. STIHL makes a few varieties of chains that provide different levels of kickback protection. It is important to match the kickback protection to your skill level, but if in doubt, stop by your local Frontier Ag & Turf location and we can look at your saw, and discuss with you which chain is right for you.

The final and most important things to consider is machine care and maintenance. You will always want to use ethanol free fuel, and oils that will help protect your bar, chain, and engine. STIHL has a variety of synthetic and conventional oils that are built to withstand the toughest conditions, and have the right viscosities to work well with your saw. Do not go with imitators on these products.

If you have any questions about our STIHL product line, or how to choose the right saw for your job. Stop in or call us today. We are here to help!

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