Hunting season is here: Prep your woods and get that big buck!

posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 in Blog

Prep your woods with Mobile Service

Like most hunters, you’ve probably been viewing your game camera pictures, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to climb the tree and harvest that big buck you’ve been eyeing to bring home quality meat for your family to enjoy.

Before entering the woods, we all take precautions to block scent from our bodies so that we don’t spook that big Buck, however, there are many areas that we may be overlooking when getting ready for the hunt.

Noise and scent are issues that we focus on. Are we walking too loudly? Did we wash our clothes properly? Did we apply enough scent block?  These are all great questions, but it can all be null if we aren’t asking ourselves if we were careful of noise when we cleared our trails. Were our vehicles too noisy when entering the woods? Did that tree we cut to get to our stand spook the big Buck?

At Frontier Ag & Turf, we have many options to help you enter the woods with nearly no noise or scent trail, as well as clear those shooting lanes for the best shots while bow hunting.

Before heading to that perfect spot in the woods, you might also ask yourself; is my ATV or Side by Side ready to get me in and out of the woods without problems? Does my machine leak any fluids that could be picked up by the Buck? If you cannot confidently answer these questions in a way that will provide the best possible outcome on the day of your hunt, it may be worth considering an Uptime Inspection on your current equipment for as low as $129 or consider trading up to a brand new John Deere Gator with savings of $500 thru 10/27, or a new Polaris Side by Side during the Factory Authorized Clearance! Check out our all new Frontier Power Sports website to learn more about our full line of Polaris product offerings.

We’ve all been in a scenario where we need to do some last minute clearing for a new stand location, or one that simply hasn’t been touch up on in recent years. The STIHL PP100 Extended Reach Pruner set is an easy-to-operate, manually powered tool that is a perfect way to cut small branches for shooting lanes in the hardwoods, without making noise or leaving behind exhaust. With just the pull of a rope, you can cut those hard-to-reach branches that are getting in the way of your vision, or successful arrow flight.  With its lightweight poly handle, you can even carry this tool into the tree with you to make sure that you have the perfect line of sight. For only $169.95, this is a no brainer when considering the overall benefits of this impressive tool and the chance to take that big buck.

Our new line of STIHL Lightning electric products gives you the advantages of STIHL power and quality without the noise and emissions.  This allows the limb that fell last night, that is preventing you from reaching your tree stand with your John Deere Gator, or Polaris Side by Side to be cut extremely quietly without the smell of 2 stroke exhaust that can spook the deer away.  At the low price of $299.95, it is worth having a STIHL Lighting saw in the back of your side by side to make sure you don’t have any surprises when entering the woods in the morning of your big hunt.  Another tool to consider when upgrading your fleet is the HTA 65 or 85 Pole Pruners. These STIHL Lightning battery operated pole pruners allow hunters to handle those hard-to-reach, larger sized branches that can potentially block critical shooting lanes. With the STIHL Lightning Pole Pruners, hunters can spend less time cutting, and more time scheming their next encounter with a trophy whitetail.

All of these options will get you into the woods without worrying about spooking that big Buck during your morning hunt.

Are you interested in learning more about other STIHL products that can be used to prep the woods days ahead of that big hunt? Check out our Frontier Ag & Turf Food Plots and Land Maintenance YouTube playlist today.

Do you have more questions? Call your nearest frontier Ag & Turf location and ask for the STIHL expert.  We can't wait to hear from you!