Maintaining a gravel drive using a box blade w/ hydraulic scarifiers

posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 in Blog

In the last few blog posts, we have discussed how to maintain a gravel drive with and without the use of a compact utility tractor.  If you are like us, and love to get work done even quicker and easier without having to constantly set depths of scarifiers manually, the John Deere Frontier BB4184H Box Blade comes with Hydraulic Scarifiers that will make your job easier than you ever imagined possible. With Hydraulic Scarifiers, you will now be able to raise and lower the scarifier bar from the comfort of the operators station on your John Deere compact utility tractor.

If you are looking to make hooking up 3pt attachments a breeze, the John Deere iMatch hitch will allow you to connect and disconnect your 3pt attachments such as the BB4184H box blade without ever leaving the operators station except to connect any hydraulic lines.

Want even more productivity? Use your John Deere loader to fill in low spots, cover eroded areas, or even fill over irrigation and other exposed pipes. Consult your operators manual for the specifications on how much your tractor is rated to lift.

John Deere constantly strives to make your job easier. If you haven’t checked out a new Deere lately, stop in, and see how our quality and functionality not only meet your needs, but goes beyond the task to make your job easier than you ever thought possible. From Quick Park loaders, auto connect hitches, drive over decks, and more, we have whatever you need to make your job easier so that you can do whatever it is you love to do!

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