Spring Maintenance

posted on Monday, March 12, 2018 in Blog

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Temperatures are warming up, your equipment has endured a long, cold, and snowy winter! It is time to get them ready to maintain your ground to ensure an amazing 2018!  Whether you have a Lawn & Garden Tractor, ZTrak, Compact tractor, or Skid Steer.

Maintenance Step #1- Fresh Oil & Grease

One of the most important things you can do for your machine is keep it lubricated. Just like your car or truck, Equipment has moving parts that must be lubricated to ensure proper movement. Unlike your car or truck however, the equipment used on your property typically sees a higher amount of dirt and debris in these moving parts.  Grass and dirt can build up, get into joints or engine components over time and cause problems that can lead to in season failure.

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Maintenance Step #2- Blades & Cutting Edges

No matter what job you are working on, it is important to make sure you have sharp mower blades or cutting edges.  Dull or worn mower blades can cause an uneven cut, and even leave streaks of uncut grass in your lawn.  When tending to the gravel driveway or dirt leveling with your compact tractor or skid steer, cutting edges are key to creating a finished and level ground.

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Maintenance Tip #3- Check bushings, spindles ,etc. for wear

Worn Bushings, Spindles, and other wear components can cause costly repairs in season.  These can cause uneven mowing, uneven ground maintenance, and damage to more costly components on larger equipment.

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Spring maintenance is KEY to a successful 2018! Contact us today to see how we can be your Parts & Service leader!