Uptime Service Inspections

Uptime Inspection Benefits

- Assurance your machine is ready when you are
- Catch problems early, before minor issues become downtime failures
- Increase your resale value... knowing your equipment has been maintained properly
- Reduce potential rental costs
- Time is money... avoid costly in-season repairs
- Know your equipment has been worked on by factory trained technicians
- Take advantage of the best finance programs available... fix now, pay later, no interest
- 90 day warranty on parts and labor (when installed by Frontier Ag & Turf technicians)
After the inspection, our technicians will have a list of recommended items. Only those machines that complete the recommended list will get the Uptime sticker, and the Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

If you have a downtime failure for 24 hours or more, you will receive loaner priority for free*! That is correct... Uptime Inspections, are basically an Uptime Guarantee!
*For commercial and ag used only
Some restrictions apply... see service department for details!

Uptime Support Units and Location


JD 8260R - New Richmond
JD 9510R - Cannon Falls

Combines & Heads

S680- Cannon Falls

608C- Cannon Falls

S660- New Richmond

608C- New Richmond

SPFH & Heads

JD 7980 - New Richmond
JD 770 - New Richmond
JD 645C - New Richmond
JD KP - New Richmond

Commercial Snow Equipment

JD 318D - Turtle Lake
JD 318E - Hastings
JD 320E - Osceola
JD 320E - New Richmond
JD 5085E - Hastings

8' KAGE Blade- Hastings

9' KAGE Blade- New Richmond

10' KAGE Blade- Hastings

Commercial Mowing

JD Z930M - Turtle Lake
JD Z920M - New Richmond
JD Z930M - Osceola
JD Z930M - Hastings

Updated May 7th, 2015

Uptime Inspections... more than just a sticker!